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The "All The Children’s Park" project


1. Place.  "All the children's Park" (ACP) will be placed inside an already existing park in Hod Hasharon: the "Four Season's Park", which is the largest park in town (about 30 acres). The “Four Season Park" is the most popular and known park in Hod-Hasharon , it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all visitors. The most important celebrations and festivals are held here.

The initial park will spread over 0.5 acre with the intent of enlarging it to 1.5 acres.


2.General. The vision of the ACP project was initiated by the Hod Hasharon Lions Club, and it will be established with the cooperation of the Hod Hasharon Municipality and several other major public organizations in Hod Hasharon, such as the local "Parent Teachers Association”, "Knafayim Shel Krembo" (a youth movement for children with special needs), the "Amichay Fellowship", the "Tnufa Fellowship" and others. 

3.Purpose. The purpose of the project is to build a park that is accessible to children with special needs as well as ordinary children. The park will contain playing devices that are suitable for children with special needs (emotional, social, mental, physical, sensual disabilities), as well as for any other ordinary child or youth of Hod Hasharon and its surrounding villages.


4. The nature of ACP. As manifested by its name “All the children's Park", the new park will be open to any one that wishes to use and enjoy it with the idea that children or youngsters with special needs will be able to use it and by that interact with ordinary children. The ACP will present an opportunity for interaction between different kinds of populations of all ages and gender.

As the ACP will combine activities of ordinary children with children with special needs, we believe that it will bring a better understanding and sooner integration in the community of those who are different.  

The park will be open to activities for all the families and educational institutions of Hod-Hasharon, formal and non formal, at all hours.

The ACP will be operated and maintained by the municipality of Hod Hasharon, and the Hod-Hasharon Lions Club, as well as other voluntary organizations, will participate in these activities.


5. Cost. The estimated cost of the ACP project is over 1 million $. At this moment we have about 350,000 $, promised by Hod Hasharon Municipality and other organizations for the project. We plan to apply in the future for an LCIF grant to help us.